Fairplay’s elevation is 9,953 feet and sits at the junction of US Highway 285 and State Highway 9. It’s about 22 miles south of Breckenridge, or 85 miles from Denver. 

Fairplay started out as a mining camp in 1859 and was finally incorporated in 1872. It was established by unwelcome latecomers who named the new mining camp ‘Fair Play’ by these settlers who thought the generous mining claims given to the earliest prospectors unfair and wanted a more equitable system. In 1867 Fairplay became the county seat and ranching started to become the more important part of the economy. 

Fairplay is a great place for outdoor enthusiasts all year round. Easy access to nearby ski resorts, backcountry or groomed trails in the winter, as well as hiking, mountain biking, and horse trails in the summer. Hunting is possible almost the entire year and fly fishing in the summer and ice fishing in the winter are also popular. It is the official Trout Fishing Capital of Colorado and this attracts many anglers.

With a population of around 700 it is a prosperous town with an impressive history and heritage, thriving local arts and many modern retail businesses. It is the largest community in the grassland basin of Colorado. 

The captivating South Park City Museum is a great way to learn more about the Gold Rush and life on the frontier with thousands of artifacts and authentic buildings. You can also enjoy the town’s historic sites through the Fairplay Walking Tour.