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November 2022 Summit & Park County Community Insider

Welcome to the November edition of our Summit and Park County Community Insider. Winter in Summit and Park Counties is a special time of year. People from all over the world flock to our mountain paradise to take advantage of the natural beauty and outdoor recreation available here. The month

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Should You Make an Offer Below Asking Price?

With the changes in the real estate market over the last few years (and especially lately) we sometimes have potential home buyers ask us if it is possible to make an offer below asking price on a home they are interested in purchasing. Is it possible? Absolutely. Is it wise?

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Market Report

Summit & Park County Real Estate Market Report September 2022

Welcome to our September Summit & Park County Real Estate Market Report. We’ve seen some changes in inventory levels over the last twelve months. There were a total of 2,291 properties sold in Summit & Park County. The average price to purchase a single family home here is currently $1,533,767

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Real Estate Tips

Holding Costs When Selling Your Home

Our current market is starting to shift and it’s becoming a bit more competitive than last year. Because of this, holding costs are going to start playing a significant part in some transactions and it’s important to consider them when selling your home. What are holding costs and why are

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October 2022 Summit & Park County Community Insider

Welcome to the October 2022 edition of our Summit and Park County Community Insider! The weather is turning crisp, leaves are changing colors and, hopefully, you’re getting started on the holiday shopping early. If you need some inspiration in the gift department stop by Belvidere & Hern in Breckenridge, you

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Market Report

Summit & Park County Real Estate Market Report August 2022

Welcome to our August 2022 Summit and Park County Real Estate Market Report! We hope that you have had a wonderful summer. Fall has arrived in the mountains with cooler temperatures and the aspen trees are beginning to show their stunning golden leaves. The ski resorts have also started testing

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Summit County Events

September 2022 Summit & Park County Community Insider

Welcome to the September edition of our Summit & Park County Community Insider. We hope that everyone was able to enjoy a relaxing Labor Day weekend! Summer is coming to a close in the Rockies and the cooler weather is perfect for hiking, biking, fishing, or just enjoying the patio

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